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    St James, Castle Eden

    Available Parish Registers at Durham Record Office

    St. James, Castle Eden, Baptisms 1694-1919
    St. James, Castle Eden, Marriages 1698-1974
    St. James, Castle Eden, Burials 1698-1912

    Population changes in the 19th. Century were:













    Castle Eden












    All of the above census returns for Castle Eden Village are transcribed and available on this site.

    Castle Eden village has never had a direct connection with coalmining. It has always been an agricultural village with very ancient roots. Castle Eden Colliery (c. 1840-93) was actually a mile away and situated in the sub-district of 'Monk Hesleden' and not Castle Eden. Castle Eden village did occasionally take in overspills of miners from its humble namesake in the 19th. century as the census returns testify.

    The parish registers began in 1694 in the reigns of the co-monarchs William III & Mary II but the original church dated back much earlier than this. By 1750, the dawn of the modern era, the start of the Age of the Machine, little was left of the mediaeval manor granted to one Robert de Brus (ancestor of the King of Scots) at the time of the Norman Conquest. In 1756 Joseph Brandling, a wealthy Gosforth coalmine owner, married Mary Thompson and built Shotton Hall as their home. Two years later Rowland Burdon, a wealthy merchant banker, purchased Castle Eden manor and estate. His son married Brandling's daughter so that eventually both estates passed to the Burdon family. Each successive male heir to the Burdon estates was also called Rowland and designated a kind of regnal number. This first owner of Castle Eden was Rowland III. The decrepit and ancient (Norman ?) St. James Church was rebuilt by him in 1764 shortly after he bought the manor. The 'castle' at Castle Eden was also rebuilt by the Burdons in the 18th. Century. Rowland IV constructed the Sunderland to Stockton turnpike which ran through the village. He also built the first cast iron bridge over the Wear at Sunderland and some surplus iron from this went to make the gates of the new village church. His son Rowland V added two aisles. Rowland VII, a flying ace, was killed in the Great War. His father, Rowland 6, the last of the direct male line, died in 1944. Another notable Castle Eden family were the Nimmos, brewers and farmers. They established their brewery early in the 19th. Century and were present in the village until they sold out to the giant Whitbread company in the early 1960s. Now (1998) the brewery itself is under threat of closure. Below you will find the census entries for the Burdon and Nimmo families in the 19th. Century. The 'N' in the 1841 entries indicates that a person was not born in County Durham:

    Castle Eden 1841 Census, 'Castle Eden'
    Cotsforth Burdon, 65, Ind, N
    Frances B, 35
    John B, 25, Clergyman
    Mary B, 30
    Mary Bowes, 60, Ind
    Elizabeth Stuart, 60, Female Servant, N
    Elizabeth Master or Muster, 20, Female Servant
    Hannah Dawson, 40, Female Servant
    Sarah Dawson, 30, Female Servant
    Ann Nightingale, 20, Female Servant, N
    Jane Smith, 35, Female Servant
    James Taylor, 20, Male Servant, N
    George Sparkes (??), 20, Male Servant
    -----(Unclear) Hilliard, Aged above 20, Ind, N (Female)
    Unknown male, 15, Male Servant, N
    Unknown female, aged above 20, Female Servant, N

    Castle Eden 1851 Census, Castle Eden Cottage
    Cotford Burdon, Head of Household, Widowed, 77, Landed Proprietor, East India (British Subject)
    Frances B, Daughter, 46, Spinster, Castle Eden
    Mary Cotford B, Daughter, 43, Spinster, do
    Caroline Boulley, Visitor, Widowed, 55, Landed Proprietor, do
    Ann Wallace, Female Servant, 35, Holton, Northumberland
    Hannah Dawson, Female Servant, 50, do
    Isabella Douglas, Female Servant, 19, Long Benton
    Margaret Davison, Female Servant, 26, Crossgate, Durham
    Sarah Taylor, Female Servant, 27, York
    Ann Locke, Female Servant, 36, Middle Stow, Somerset
    John Robinson, Male Servant, 37, Stanton, Yorkshire
    George Sparks, Male Servant, Married, 30, Darlington

    Castle Eden 1851 Census, Castle Eden
    Rowland Burdon, Head of Household, Married, 48, Justice of the Peace, Landlord & Farmer of 360 acres employing 23 labourers, Castle Eden
    Ann M, B, Wife, Married, 41, Bath, Somerset
    Harriet Lauder, Female Servant, 39, do
    Harriet Eve, Female Servant, 53, do
    Sarah Dawson, Female Servant, 46, Castle Eden
    Isabella Graham, Female Servant, 29, Lanercost Abbey, Cumberland
    Mary Craggs, Female Servant, 15, Monk Hesleden
    Rachel Wood, Female Servant, 21, Alnmouth, Northumberland
    Charles Randall, Male Servant, 27, London
    John Pile, Male Servant, 27, Sedgefield

    Castle Eden 1861 Census, The Castle
    Rowland Burdon, Head of Household, married, 58, Chairman of Quarter Sessions & Land Proprietor, Castle Eden
    Ann M. B, wife, married, 51, Bath, Somerset
    George Hardy, Male Servant, 26, Groom, Mattersea, Notts
    Sarah A. Coxon, Female Servant, 39, Housekeeper, Sunderland
    Margaret Simpson, Female Servant, 29, Cook, Embleton, Northumberland
    Harriet Walker, Female Servant, 32, Laundrymaid, Darlington
    Mary Douglas, Female Servant, 32, Housemaid, Elsdon, Northumberland
    Hannah King, Female Servant, 27, Dairymaid, Great Ayton, Yorkshire
    Ann Jameson, Female Servant, 18, Kitchen Maid, West Herrington

    Castle Eden 1861 Census, Castle Lodge
    William Laidlaw, Head of Household, married, 34, Gardener, Scotland
    Isabel(la) L, wife, married, 38, Lanercost, Cumberland
    William L, son, 2, Castle Eden

    Castle Eden 1861 Census, The Cottage
    Frances Burdon, Head of Household, 56, Castle Eden
    Mary C, Sister, 53, do
    Francis Stephenson, Male Servant, 17, Page, Greatham
    Margaret Wheatley, Female Servant, 40, Ladies Maid, Chester-le-Street
    Mary Murray, Female Servant, 36, Cook, Scotland
    Hannah Dawson, Female Servant, 62, Housemaid, Castle Eden
    Catherine Stewart, Female Servant, 27, Laundrymaid, Scotland
    Catherine Watson, Female Servant, 15, Kitchenmaid, do

    Castle Eden 1871 Census, The Castle
    Rowland Burdon, Head of Household, Married, 68, Magistrate & Landowner, London
    Ann Malet B, Wife, Married, 61, Bath, Somerset
    Edward Hopper, Male Servant, 25, Coachman, Forrest (??), Yorkshire
    Ann Roberts, Female Servant, 37, Housekeeper, Bledlow, Bucks
    Jane Darling, Female Servant, 33, Cook, Craster, Northumberland
    Margaret Yeoman, Female Servant, 28, Housemaid, Bambrough, Northumberland
    Sarah Johnson, Female Servant, 27, Laundrymaid, East Thurston, Northumberland
    Martha Tate, Female Servant, 23, Kitchenmaid, Eglingham, Northumberland

    Castle Eden 1881 Census, The Castle
    John Burdon, Head of Household, Widowed, 69, Clergyman, Castle Eden
    Rowland B, Son, 23, English Bicknor, Glos
    Elizabeth Ann B, Daughter, 29, do
    Mary Edwards, Female Servant, Housekeeper and Cook, Widowed, 66, Penge (??), HerThomas
    Sarah Stewart Ogle, Female Servant, Ladies Maid, 22, Kelstone, Somerset
    Marianne Telford, Female Servant, 28, Parlour Maid, Ireland
    Dorothy Anderson, Female Servant, 25, Housemaid, Easington
    Elizabeth Bowes, Female Servant, Laundrymaid, 23, Guisborough
    Elizabeth Ann Taylor, Female Servant, 19, Dairymaid, Monk Hesleden
    Ann Cowley, Female Servant, 18, Under Housemaid, Easington
    Ann Hudd or Hood, Female Servant, 16, Kitchenmaid, Ferryhill
    Harry Waite, Male Servant, 32, Groom, Elsdon
    William Keen, Male Servant, 15, Pageboy, English Bicknor, Glos

    Castle Eden 1881 Census, The Cottage
    Mary Cotsford Burdon, Head of Household, 72, Castle Eden
    Agnes King, Companion, 36, Newbury, Berks
    Margaret Shepherd, Female Servant, 34, Kelloe
    Dorothy Shepherd, Female Servant, 32, Thornley
    Elizabeth Hindmarch, Female Servant, 24, Parlourmaid, Alnwick
    Sarah Taylor, Female Servant, 22, Dairymaid, Thornley
    Robert Corner, Male Servant, 17, Houseboy, Sheraton

    Castle Eden 1881 Census, The Village, Parklands
    Ann Maler Burdon, Head of Household, Widowed, 71, Bath, Somerset
    Ann Roberts, Female Servant, 47, Housekeeper, Bledlow, Bucks
    Jane Darling, Female Servant, 43, Cook, Craster, Northumberland
    Elizabeth Saunders, Female Servant, 24, Laundryman, Ormesby, Yorkshire
    Elizabeth Evans (??), Female Servant, 30, Housemaid, Scotland
    Mary Laing, Female Servant, 19, Housemaid, West Hartlepool
    Isabel(la) Darling, Female Servant, 19, Kitchenmaid, Amble
    William Slater, Male Servant, 20, Under Butler, Castle Eden

    Castle Eden 1891 Census, Castle Eden Hall
    John Burdon, Head of Household, Widowed, 79, J.P., Own Means, Castle Eden
    Elizabeth Ann B, Daughter, 39, English Bicknor, Glos
    Jane Millicent Bethune, Visitor, 20, St. Andrew's, Scotland
    Charlotte Davis, Female Servant, 40, Cook, Wolverhampton, Staffs
    Emma Dorsch, Female Servant, 26, Ladies Maid, Hamburg, Germany
    Emma Dickinson, Female Servant, 30, Waiting Maid, Malton, Yorkshire
    Mary Coates, Female Servant, 27, Laundrymaid, Staveley, Yorkshire
    Jane Horner, Female Servant, 27, Housemaid, Coldbridge, Yorkshire
    Fanny Coop, Female Servant, 21, Kitchenmaid, Hampton, Middx
    Mary Carson, Female Servant, 22, Dairymaid, Kirkcudbright, Scotland
    Henrietta Palmer, Female Servant, 18, Housemaid, South Hetton
    Frances Price, Female Servant, 17, Scullerymaid, Newtown, Montgomeryshire
    John William Nesham or Neasham, Male Servant, 24, Footman, Arkengarthdale, Yorkshire
    Frederick Hook, Male Servant, 27, Groom, Warsop, Notts

    Castle Eden 1891 Census, Parkland
    Rowland Burdon, Head of Household, Married, 33, J.P., Own Means, English Bicknor, Glos
    Mary Arundel B, Wife, Married, 25, Chester Square, London SW
    Frances Mary B, Daughter, 1 (??), Chichester St., London SW
    Olive Slade, Sister-in-law, 20, St. George's Square, London SW
    Jane Dobson, Female Servant, 29, Cook, Hagg House
    Grace Alice Nicholls, Female Servant, 26, Nurse, Buckingham Palace Richard., London SW
    Mary Smith, Female Servant, Widowed, Cook, 53, St. Oswald's, Cornwall
    Kate Robinson, Female Servant, 21, Parlourmaid, Lumley
    Christine Burnedd or Burnett, Female Servant, 23, Housemaid, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Lily Palmer, Female Servant, 15, Kitchenmaid, South Hetton
    Eliza Howard, Female Servant, 27, Lady's Maid, Islington, Middx
    Arthur Fiddling, Male Servant, 22, Coachman, Otley, Yorkshire

    Castle Eden 1841 Census, 'Castle Eden'
    John Nimmo, 40, Brewer
    Mary N, 35
    William N, 13
    Anne N, 12
    Mary N, 10
    Elizabeth N, 8
    George N, 7
    Margaret N, 5
    Isabella N, 4 months
    Hannah Harding, 15, Female Servant
    Elizabeth Blades or Black (???), 15, Female Servant

    Castle Eden 1851 Census, Castle Eden
    John Nimmo, Head of Household, Widowed, 50, Brewer & Farmer of 200 acres, Shotton
    William N, Son, 23, Road Surveyor, Castle Eden
    Ann N, Daughter, 21, do
    Mary n, Daughter, 20, do
    George N, Son, 17, do
    Margaret N, Daughter, 15, do
    Sibilla N, Daughter, 10, Scholar, do
    Maria Jane N, Daughter, 8, Scholar, do
    Eleanor N, Daughter, 6, Scholar, do
    Ann Dixon, Female Servant, 19, Witton

    Castle Eden 1861 Census, Wellfield
    George Nimmo, Head of Household, 26, Castle Eden
    Elizabeth N, Sister, 28, Housekeeper, do
    Isabel(la) N, Sister, 20, do
    Thomas Smith, Male Servant, 17, Ferryhill

    Castle Eden 1861 Census, The Grange
    John Nimmo, Head of Household, married, 60, Farmer, Shotton
    Dorothy J. N, wife, married, 49, Barking, Middx
    Mary Parnaby, daughter, married, 30, Castle Eden
    Maria J. Nimmo, daughter, 18, do
    Sarah J. Delaney, Female Servant, 19, Easington
    William Smith, Male Servant, 12, Agricultural Labourer, Hett

    Castle Eden 1861 Census, The Brewery
    William Nimmo, Head of Household, married, 33, Brewer, Castle Eden
    Ann N, wife, married, 31, Girsby, Yorkshire
    George N, son, 8, Scholar, Castle Eden
    Elizabeth N, daughter, 4, do
    Margaret N, daughter, 2, do
    Ann Aldersson, Mother-in-law, widowed, 62, Appleton Wiske
    Ann Robinson, Female Servant, 17, Easington
    Sarah Shepherd, Female Servant, 16, Nursemaid, Kelloe

    Castle Eden 1871 Census, Brewery
    William Nimmo, Head of Household, Married, 43, Brewer, Wine & Spirit Dealer, Castle Eden
    Ann N, Wife, Married, 41, Guisby or Guiseley, Yorkshire
    Eleanor N, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Castle Eden
    William J.N, Son, 1, do
    Mary G. Gordon, Female Servant, 22, Governess, Scotland
    Sarah Shepherd, Female Servant, 25, Cook, Kelloe
    Margaret Shepherd, Female Servant, 23, Nurse, do
    Dorothy Shepherd, Female Servant, 21, Laundrymaid, Thornley

    Castle Eden 1881 Census, The Village, The Brewery
    William Nimmo, Head of Household, Married, 53, Brewer, Maltster, Spirit Dealer & Farmer of 520 acres, Castle Eden
    Anne N, Wife, Married, 51, Ginsby, Yorkshire
    Eleanor N, Daughter, 19, Castle Eden
    Wilhelmina N, Daughter, 17, do
    Harriet Brown, Female Servant, 20, Maid, Brancepeth
    Sarah Knox, Female Servant, 19, Housemaid, Wingate
    Sarah Ellen Waldon, Female Servant, 22, Cook, Iveston

    Castle Eden 1881 Census, The Village, The Brewery
    Humphrey Johnson, Head of Household, Married, 31, Gardener, Crake Hall, Yorkshire
    Alice J, Wife, Married, 29, Hawthorn
    Elizabeth Ellen J, Daughter, 4, Siksworth
    Thomas James J, Son, 11 month, Castle Eden

    Castle Eden 1881 Census, The Village, The Brewery, Beech Grove
    George Alderson Nimmo, Head of Household, Married, 28, Brewery & Farm Manager, Castle Eden
    Mary Stafford N, Wife, Married, 31, New Seaham
    John N, Son, 4, Castle Eden
    William N, Son, 3, do
    Ellen Mary N, Daughter, 2, do
    George N, Son, 3 months, do
    Mary Parks, Female Servant, 21, Cook, Birmingham, Warwicks
    Isabel(la) Lowery, Female Servant, 23, Housemaid, West Rainton
    Elizabeth Burns, Female Servant, 23, Nurse Hartlepool

    Castle Eden 1891 Census, The Village, The Brewery
    William Nimmo, Head of Household, Married, 63, Brewer, Spirit Dealer & Farmer, Castle Eden
    Annie N, Wife, Married, 61, Guiseley (??), Yorkshire
    William John N, Son, 21, Engineer, Castle Eden
    Alice Dunnington, Female Servant, 18, Burneston or Burnester, Yorkshire
    Margaret Taylor, Female Servant, 25, Belford, Northumberland
    Ann Scott, Female Servant, 27, Seaham Harbour