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    Greater Seaham Electoral Register 1833

    Electoral Register 1833 Dalton-le-Dale:
    2599, J.H. Brown, D-l-D
    2600, William Hall, D-l-D
    2601, John Lamb, Seaton Moor
    2602, Thomas Minns, D-l-D
    2603, George Oats or Oates, D-l-D
    2604, Edward Pattison or Patterson, D-l-D
    2605, Andrew Watt, Dalton Moor
    2606, Thomas Wilkinson, D-l-D
    Electoral Register 1833 Dawdon (including modern-day Seaham Harbour):
    2607, John Adamson, North Terrace
    2608, Matthew Adamson, North Terrace
    2611, John Bell, Railway Street
    2615, Joseph Bowman, Railway Street
    2616, John Bogan, Railway Street
    2618, Percival Butiment, North Terrace
    2621, Robert Field, Railway Street
    2622, John Graham, Cross Street (later called Church Street)
    2623, Thomas Graham, Cross Street (later called Church Street)
    2625, Peter Hinde, Railway Street
    2626, John Hutchinson, Railway Street
    2627, Thomas Littlefair, Henry Street
    Electoral Register 1833
    2631, Bernard O‘Bryan, Henry Street
    2632, Matthew Patton, (South) Crescent
    2633, Thomas Prosser, North Terrace
    2634, Samuel Pygass, (South) Crescent
    2635, George Reed, Railway Street
    2637, Robert Rutherford, North Terrace
    2638, Benjamin Milburn Stafford, Cold Hesledon
    2639, Robert Scott, North Terrace
    2640, Thomas Stokeld, Railway Street
    2648, Parkin Thornton, Railway Street
    2653, Edward Weatherley, Cold Hesledon
    2654, George White, Railway Street
    2655, John Winter, Railway Street
    Electoral Register 1833 Seaton and Slingley:
    4017, William Brough, Seaton
    4018, John Brough, Bishopwearmouth
    4019, George Bryden, High Sharpley
    4020, Ralph Carr, Bishopwearmouth
    4022, John Hutchinson, Seaham
    4023, Robert Hodgson, Seaton
    4024, John Robson, Sharpley Hall
    4025, James Shotton, Seaton
    4026, George Smith,Seaton
    4027, Thomas Smith, Seaton
    4029, James Thubron, Seaton Moor
    4030, Robert Thompson, Slingley Hill
    Electoral Register 1833 Seaham (Old Seaham and outlying farms):
    4031, George Aird, Seaham
    4032, Reverend Oswald Joseph Cresswell, Seaham
    4033, William Hutton, Seaham Grange
    4034, Edward Joseph Hutton
    4035, Christopher Jobson, Seaham Mill
    4036, John Johnson, Seaham Mill
    4037, Thomas Richardson, Carr House Farm
    4038, Thomas Smith, Seaham Field House
    4039, Nicholas Smith, Seaham Field House
    4040, Robinson Avery Wilson, Seaham Mill

    Pigot’s Trade Directory 1834

    NB: With few exceptions Pigot’s Trade Directory of 1834 described the addresses of its entries as ‘Seaham Harbour‘, abbreviated to SH by me. It is not very helpful but at least it gives a few of the street names from the early days of our town’s history. Seaham Harbour was just over 5 years old at this point.

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Post Office
    John Hall, Post Master
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
    Mrs. Anderson, Hawthorn Cottage (later called Hawthorn Towers)
    Reverend James Humphrey Brown, Dalton-le-Dale (St. Andrew’s)
    Reverend Oswald Joseph Cresswell, Seaham (St. Mary the Virgin)
    The (3rd.) Marquess of Londonderry, Seaham Hall
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Academies
    William Roddam or Rodham, SH
    Charles Rooke, SH
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Blacksmiths
    William Edwards (also shipsmith and anchorsmith), SH
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Boot and Shoe Makers
    John Brothwick or Bothwick, SH
    George Davison, SH
    Thomas Kidd, SH
    Edward Lazonby, SH
    William Pattison, SH
    Samuel Pygass (retail), SH
    John Williamson (ale and porter), SH
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Butchers
    John French, SH
    Mowbray and Rudd (shipping), SH
    John Read (Reid/Reed), SH
    Timothy Steabler, SH
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Chemists and Druggists
    J. & R. Renny, SH
    Henry Smith, SH
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Coal Fitters
    Christopher Davison (for South Hetton Colliery, owned by Braddyll), SH
    William Spence (also lime fitter and pilot master and general agent to the Marquess of Londonderry), SH
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Grocers and Drapers
    John Bell, SH
    William Stafford Benson, SH
    Robert Field, SH
    Michael Reed, SH
    Robert Rutherford, SH
    Wilkie and Brown, SH
    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Inns and Public Houses
    George Reed, Golden Lion, SH
    King’s Arms (North Terrace), John French, SH
    Londonderry Arms, Matthew Patton, SH
    Lord Seaham Inn, Thomas Prosser, SH
    Lynn Arms, George Bambrough, SH
    Mason’s Arms, Parkin Thornton, SH
    Noah’s Ark, Thomas Stokeld, SH
    Wheatsheaf, Elizabeth Barker, SH
    Windmill, Thomas Chilton, Seaham.

    NB: This pub may later have been called the Braddyll Arms which was also owned by Tommy Chilton. However Pigot’s describes the address as ‘Seaham‘ rather than Seaham Harbour so I am inclined to believe that the Windmill was the original name of the Mill Inn at New Seaham. Tommy Chilton is known to have run that pub also in the years before and after the foundation of Seaham Harbour. His nickname was ‘Nicky Nack‘ which eventually transmitted itself to the new collieries begun nearby by the Marquess of Londonderry and others in the 1840s. This is lent support by his inclusion in the list of millers below. Tommy Chilton’s gravestone is at St. Mary the Virgin.

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Ironmongers

    William Edwards, SH

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Dealers in Marine Stores
    John King (also an earthenware dealer), SH
    John Winter (also glass and earthenware dealer), SH

    William Bruff (Brough), Mill End
    Thomas Chilton, Seaham

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Milliners & Dressmakers
    Ann Proud (also straw hat maker), SH
    Ellen Sheridan, Seaham
    Jane & Mary Ann Whitfield (also straw hat makers), SH

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Provision Dealers
    Robert Field (also bread and biscuit baker), SH
    John Hutchinson (also earthenware dealer), SH
    Robert Rutherford (also ship chandler), SH

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Shipsmiths
    William Edwards (also anchorsmith), SH
    Thomas Todd (also whitesmith), Seaham

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Surgeons
    Wild Renney, SH
    Henry Smith (also a chemist), SH

    David Fernie (also slopseller), SH
    Wilkie & Brown, SH

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Watch & Clock Makers
    Gallon & Carter, SH

    PIGOT‘S TRADE DIRECTORY 1834, Miscellaneous
    John Nelson Beaumont, Principal coast officr and receiver of coal duties, SH
    Margaret Bonner, Shopkeeper, SH
    Nathaniel Close, Hair cutter, SH
    Joseph Davison, Cooper, SH
    John Fothergill, Saddler, SH
    George Harbutt, Pocket book maker and letter carrier, SH
    William Henzell, Shipwright, SH
    Thomas Prosser, Surveyor and builder, SH
    George Ridley, Retailer of beer, SH
    Parkin Thompson (Thornton ?), Bricklayer, SH
    James Wilson, Brazier & Tinman, SH
    Sarah Wilson, Retailer of beer, SH
    George Reid (Reed) - gig from the Golden Lion to Sunderland via Ryhope, SH
    Andrew Carr - carrier from the Noah’s Ark to Sunderland, SH
    George Pearson - carrier from his house to Sunderland, daily except Sunday, SH
    Thomas Pattison or Patterson - carrier from his house to Sunderland, daily except Sunday, SH
    James Dobson - carrier from the Noah’s Ark to Sunderland, Thursdays only, SH

    End of Pigot’s 1834 Trade Directory